The Nottingham River Trent Footbridge

Nottingham, NG1

Public Realm
In Progress
Nottingham City Council
Project Value
£ 12m
Delivery Partners
Balfour Beatty, Ramboll UK

Dice was appointed by Balfour Beatty to join forces with Ramboll UK and assist in the delivery of a visionary project, the construction of a new pedestrian and cyclist bridge across the River Trent in Nottingham.

This ambitious project aims to forge vital links between the burgeoning Waterside Regeneration Area, Colwick Park, and the Lady Bay and West Bridgeford areas, heralding the first bridge to span the River Trent in Nottingham in over 60 years.


The Waterside Bridge represents a pivotal milestone in Nottingham's urban development, promising to revolutionise commuter and leisure routes while fostering connectivity and accessibility for residents and visitors alike. Nottingham City Council, in collaboration with Rushcliffe Borough Council and Nottinghamshire County Council, secured funding from the central government's Transforming Cities Fund to realise this transformative vision.

Prior to commencing the design and construction stages, Nottingham City Council undertook a comprehensive options appraisal, conducting extensive public engagement and meticulously reviewing feedback to determine the optimal bridge location. Following rigorous scrutiny and approval from local authorities, the Trent Basin site emerged as the preferred location, paving the way for the project to progress to the next stages.

With an estimated construction cost of approximately £12 million, the Waterside Bridge project underscores a commitment to sustainability, connectivity, and community enrichment. The bridge's strategic placement is poised to enhance access to greenspaces, riverside paths, and key urban hubs, facilitating seamless travel for Nottingham's residents and workers.

In February 2024, planning applications were submitted to both Nottingham City Council and Rushcliffe Borough Council, culminating in the attainment of planning approval in May 2024. This milestone heralds the commencement of construction, marking the realization of a shared vision to create a more accessible, interconnected urban landscape.

As construction progresses, the Waterside Bridge project will serve as a testament to the power of collaboration and innovation in shaping vibrant, inclusive communities. By bridging physical divides and fostering sustainable transportation solutions, the bridge will leave an indelible legacy, enriching the lives of generations to come in Nottingham and beyond.