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Richmond Dock, Appledore

Appledore, Devon
In Progress
The Wheatcroft Group
Civil, Structural, Geo-environmental
Delivery Partners
Goodrich Cutler, Everything is Somewhere

This unique project involves the restoration and adaption of a historic dry dock in the Devon town of Appledore. 

The project shall see the listed structure repurposed into a permanent home for a World War 2 vessel, purchased by a private collector, and shall incorporate a visually striking timber roof structure.

Elegance can often be found in simplicity. The proposals will see the dilapidated dry dock restored to its former glory, with a striking timber, green roof constructed above, ensuring that the new structure is sympathetic to the surrounding town and coastal setting.


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3D Visuals by Goodrich Cutler



Several superstructure options were considered and presented to our client. The brief called for a structural solution which was visually striking, but also considered construction challenges posed by the project's unique location, as well as longer term durability and maintenance requirements.

Initially a timber grid shell structure was considered, however this was discounted on the basis of construction challenges posed by temporary propping requirements above the dock. A series of shallow profile timber glulam arches provide a striking aesthetic, and can be quickly and safely constructed in a single span above the dock. Timber also provides a more durable solution when compared to a steel frame which would require frequent maintenance. 




Exposed reinforced concrete abutments will be supported by piled foundations. These will be carefully co-ordinated with the gravity stone walls, and will transfer vertical loads, and horizontal thrusts generated by the shallow arch profiles safely into the ground.

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