Unveiling our new Nottingham city centre HQ

Following a period of substantial growth, we are delighted to have officially moved into our new Nottingham city centre office.

Located on the Third Floor at The Courtyard on St Marys Gate, the new 1,696 sq. ft. workspace – which can comfortably accommodate up to 20 people – has been designed to meet the government’s COVID-19 safety measures, including socially distanced workspaces for all staff. Our director, Wayne Oakes, said: “We’re delighted to have officially moved into our new HQ as this new working environment is a testament to our ever evolving and developing team. We are continuing to work within the government guidance and for now we’re using the office for business-critical projects and team meetings, with the majority of the team working from home. “However, we see this office as a long term move so we hope that our new facilities can benefit and help the growth of our staff for years to come.”

The office’s amenities include an open modern kitchen with accompanying breakfast bar, pool table, dart board, glass meeting room, sofa, coffee table and flat screen television to create a social area of the office. It was important for us that the team not only had a high-quality space to carry out their work, but also were provided with recreational areas where they can relax and form relationships with their co-workers. The new office boasts a lot of plants and greenery, which has really helped to add a great deal of life and light to the surrounding space. We always wanted to be a really flexible business, largely working online, which put us in good stead heading into lockdown. We therefore wanted the office to function as a creative and flexible but also safe space for the team as well as great place to host our clients so we’re very happy to be in. Having the ability to entertain our clients was another key deliverable for us. The games console, pool table and comfortable seating area are great additions to this new space, and we look forward to hosting our clients safely for years to come.


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